Suomenlinna summer camp 2015


[Lue sivu suomeksi]

Welcome to EHMS summer camp in 27-28th of June 2015! The event is open to anyone practising or interested in historical European martial arts. The program will consist of workshops covering various aspects of European martial arts, with an emphasis on swordplay, on topics such as Bolognese sword & dagger, rapier, longsword and sabre. In addition, there will be time set aside for free sparring and exchanging thoughts. On Saturday night we also have a sauna available at the venue.

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The camp will be at the island fortress of Suomenlinna, Helsinki, in kuntomaneesi. The fortress is a perfect setting for the practice of historical martial arts, and there are also restaurants and a grocery store close to the venue so you won’t have to starve during the event. Tap water is drinkable in the island.

The island of Suomenlinna is accessible by ferry from the Helsinki Market Square (Kauppatori). The ferry uses the same ticket as the other public transportation in Helsinki. The ticket can be bought at the dock for about 2,5€.


This year it is possible to sleep at the venue the night between Saturday and Sunday. If you need to stay for a longer period of time, please contact us at Journey Planner is helpful when travelling in Helsinki with public transport. Bring your own mattresses and sleeping bags!


The camp is on the 27th and 28th of June.


10:00 Registration
10:15-10:30 Warm-up
10:30-12:00 Kristofer Stanson: Introduction to Military infantry saber
12:00-13:00 Lunch / Free fencing
13:00-14:30 Ilkka Hartikainen: Bolognese sword & dagger
14:45-15:45 Eliisa Keskinen: Training games for fencing
16:00-17:30 Hans Jörnlind: Longsword
17:30-19:00 Free Fencing
19:00 Sauna
23:00-7:00 Silence


10:00-11:30 Hans Jörnlind: Rapier
11:45-13:15 Kristian Ruokonen: Advanced longsword / Lunch
13:30-15:00 Ilpo Luhtala: Fiore’s dagger
15:15-16:45 Free fencing
17:00 Event closes

Class descriptions

Rapier & Dagger
Hans Jörnlind, Gamla Stans Fäktskola
Attack patterns according to Salvator Fabris. We will learn how to attack on both the inside and the outside. Footwork, guards and how to Control the line.

Training games for fencing
Eliisa Keskinen, EHMS
The class focuses on developing specific skills and good practices through limited sparring games. The participants will learn competitive drills that reinforce good footwork, the right reflexes, and proper timing. Mask and sword simulator reguired.

Bolognese sidesword & dagger
Ilkka Hartikainen, EHMS
Bolognese sword and dagger. Reguirent equipments are fencing mask, dagger and one-handed sword. Loan weapons and daggers are available.

Introduction to Military infantry saber
Kristofer Stanson, Stockholms Stigmän
An introduction to saber fencing for the infantry. This will be a compressed course comparable to what the recruits might have been shown. We will focus on the basics of cutting, thrusting, parrying and keeping the correct distance by using point control. As this is to be used by military forces we will end with a controlled melee. Equipment  requirements are sabre/baskethilt simulator /waster, sturdy forearm protection, helmet. Jacked is strongly recommended for sparring.

Hans Jörnlind, Gamla Stans Fäktskola
Longsword: ”Going from left to right.” We will work on creating openings and angles with both cuts and thrusts by going from one side to the other. Full sparring kit required.

Fiore’s dagger
lpo Luhtala, SES
The class focuses on Fiore’s dagger. We will go through defences agaist dagger attacks with and without dagger. In addition we also learn to defend against longsword with dagger. The class is suitable for beginners, loan daggers are available.

Advanced longsword
Kristian Ruokonen, EHMS
Class includes different sparring games for longsword. Full freeplay kit required.


Please note that the camp does not include food. There is a store on the island within short walking distance from the venue, as well as several restaurants. The venue has a fridge and a microwave for your use. Tap water is drinkable in Finland.


The camp will cost 90€, and payment details will be emailed to participants.