Sigi Forge

SigiThe goal of SIGI Forge is to create safe, reliable and yet aesthetic gear based on the weapons used by the people of the medieval world. Their swords and other accessories are created with passion and love for the hobby and trade. Intended for all kinds of practitioners; from people who are solely interested in reviving an old martial art to vivid tournament fighters, you will find much delight in their products.

Sigi offers a wide range of different feders for different needs, as well as katanas, wakizashis and kriegsmessers, all suitable for drilling and safe for sparring due to flexible blades and balanced handling.



Black Fencer

Black fencerThe goal of Black Fencer is to offer quality and specialization, with innovative designs to improve training and competitions.

Black fencer provides an array of quality swords, synthetic trainers and sharp simulators, as well as other equipment for HEMA practicioners.




Sparring Gloves

logo jpg. RSparring Gloves is one of the largest HEMA gloves manufacturers and they are a guarantee for quality and good protection. They offer a variety of high quality gloves for different needs and tastes. All of them can be made to size with customizable colors. In addition to innovating with new glove designs, Sparring Gloves also keeps updating their older models to match the needs of the customers.





Knight Shop

hema_shop_logoThe Knight (HEMA) Shop is one of Europe’s largest retailers and wholesalers of replica militaria and associated giftware. As the UK’s market leaders their impressive portfolio boasts a 1,000 sq. ft. Shop opposite the World Heritage Conwy Castle, a 12,000 sq. ft. showroom and distribution Centre.



Crossguard – ProGauntlet

ProgauntletCrossguard is setting a new standard for HEMA gauntlets and hand protection. Their highly anticipated ProGauntlet offers a high level protection from impacts and thrusts without sacrificing mobility.

Constantly evolving and developing, the Crossguard ProGauntlet may revolutionize the field of HEMA protective gear.



Regenyei Armory

Regenyei_Armory_logo-1Regenyei Armory is a well known and trusted sword manufacturer, best known for their high quality sparring weapons.

They provide a wide range of weapons from daggers to two-handed swords and from feders to sharp reproductions of museum pieces.

All of their weapons, including their own designs, are based on historical research from codexes, paintings and surviving museum pieces.




Kvetun Armoury

kvetun_logoKvetun Armoury is a leading HEMA gear manufacturer in Europe. Originally from Russia, they are now based in Georgia. They came to the international market with a very strong catalogue of high quality swords and protective equipment.

All Kvetun equipment is developed to meet their own fencing needs and high standards and is tested and used by them. They also provide a wide range of customization options.

Their products have a one year warranty and their customer service is top notch. If your blade breaks, they’ll replace it.




SPES Historical Fencing Gear

spesSPES Historical Fencing Gear has been producing high quality and reliable protective equipment for HEMA since 2007.

From the beginning they have worked in cooperation with HEMA schools in designing and testing their gear.

This guarantees that their equipment is always based on the real needs of HEMA practitioners.




PBT Historical Fencing

PBT_HISTORY_FEKETEPBT historical fencing line is part of PBT Fencing company that has been producing and selling sport fencing equipment for more than 20 years.

They were one of the very first developers of full HEMA gear lineup. This includes jackets, trousers, gloves, throat guards, arm guards and mask covers especially made for HEMA.

PBT HEMA gear is know to be very reliable and of high quality.