Helsinki Bolognese Open 2014

[Lue sivu suomeksi]

valmistautuminenWelcome to the 16th century-style fencing competition in Finland!
The competition will be held in Helsinki on the 15th of November. There will be three competitions; mixed sidesword, women’s sidesword and single-elimination sword & rotella competition. Registration on the bottom of the page.

Competition is held in Töölö Sportshall, address Paavo Nurmen kuja 1, which is only 10 minutes by tram from central Helsinki.

The competition will be run with steel training swords, following a ruleset based on the writings of the 16th century masters. EHMS will provide the swords and rotellas for the competition. Participation does not require particular experience in the Bolognese fencing style and we welcome proponents of other styles as well.

The price for the event is 50€. This includes participation in either the mixed or the open series, and participation in the Rotella competition for the 16 people who sign up first. We welcome spectators to the event free of charge.

Event in Facebook.

Brief rules.


09:15 Fencer registration
10:00 – 14:00 Pool bouts
15:00 – 18:00 Rotella, elimination bouts, finals


The event will not provide accommodation, but right next to the venue is Stadion Hostel, which offers cheap lodging.


Registration is closed!