Axel Petterssonin työpaja

Kuva: Robert Molin


EHMS tuo Göteborgin Axel Petterssonin pitämään työpajaa lauantaina 10.10. Tapahtuma on avoin kaikille pitkämiekan harrastajille. Työpaja järjestetään EHMS:n salilla launtaina 10.10. kello 11:00 – 16:00, ja siihen osallistuminen maksaa 50€. Ilmoittautuminen tapahtuu sivun alareunassa olevalla lomakkeella. Työpaja on englanninkielinen.


The workshop will be divided into two parts. We will spend the first part going through various longsword Stucke from Joachim Meyer. The stucke are used as a teaching method to learn specific movements and principles, and are often provided with different options depending on how the opponent reacts. Longer stucke also works great as a tool to build fluidity and fencing with calm and awareness even in a hectic situation, making the fencer used to chained movements and immediate decision making.

Part two consists of freer exercises where we explore different tactics for choosing how to engage the opponent, gauging the opponents situation and setting up the specific situations that we want to exploit. This is taken both from the historical sources aswell as from modern fencing theory.

Axel Pettersson

Axel Pettersson has studied HEMA since 2002. His main focus in on the German longsword tradition, though he has also taught on a number of other weapons. He is an instructor in Gothenburg Historical Fencing School. He also organizes the annual Swordfish HEMA event. Axel travels to teach all over the world, and also competes successfully, being the most successful competitor in todays HEMA movement. Motivated by an endless pursuit of excellence and improvement, Axel strives to combine grace and efficiency in his style and understanding of the art of fencing.