Espoo Association for Historical Fencing



EHMS is a non-profit organization devoted to the study and practice of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). EHMS operates in the western side capital region of Finland, operating a dedicated training hall in Helsinki.

EHMS offers training in two disciplines: Bolognese sidesword from 16th century Italy and German longsword after the teachings of 14th-century fencing master Johannes Liechtenauer.


Head instructors of EHMS are Ilkka Hartikainen and Matias Parmala, who both have over ten years of experience in historical European martial arts. Other instructors of the association are Kristian Ruokonen, Eliisa Kuusama, Kalle Kylmänen, Christoffer Warelius, Joachim Buchert and Nadia Partala.

Events & beginner’s courses

EHMS organizes four annual events: Helsinki Longsword Open that is part of the Nordic Historical Fencing League, Helsinki Bolognese Open, the annual club competition and Summer camp.

The beginner’s courses are held four times per year in spring and autumn. More information about beginner’s courses can be found on Peruskurssit-page in Finnish. Our beginner’s courses are primarily held in Finnish but instruction in English is available as well.

Board of Directors

EHMS’s board of directors is elected each year at the annual meeting. The current chairman of the board is Christoffer Warelius. Other members of the board are Venla Kupiainen, Eliisa Kuusama and Nadia Partala.

Club’s treasurer is Zoë Chandler.

Training hall

We welcome visitors to our training from all over the world. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in traveling to train with us in Helsinki.

The EHMS training hall is located at Beckerintie 2Journey Planner is helpful when traveling in Helsinki with public transport.

Contact us

You can find us on Facebook as well as on Instagram. To contacting EHMS’s board or instructors or if you have any questions about our club, please contact us by emailing

EHMStraining Hall_Ilkka Hartikainen